for sale property Tondela (region in province Viseu)

Property for sale in Portugal in the region of Tondela in the province of Viseu . We have found 13 objects.

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Tondela Tondela villa picture 212578

villa Tondela


€ 72.000 Buy this villa in the region Tondela. For Sale villa in Tondela. Property in Tondela (Tondela) presented by real...


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Mosteirinho Tondela house picture 212546

house Mosteirinho


€ 72.000 In portugal with postcode 3475-060 for sale splendid property. For Sale house in Mosteirinho. House with splendid garden or...

Tondela Tondela house picture 193909

house Tondela


€ 320.000 In portugal with postcode 3460-653 for sale splendid property. In Tondela nice property for sale in Viseu. Great buy...

Tondela Tondela terrain picture 193893

terrain Tondela


€ 320.000 In Tondela nice property for sale in Viseu. Great buy in Tondela only 320000 euro. Buy this terrain in...

Tondela Tondela villa picture 182407

villa Tondela


€ 225.000 Villa for sale under reference 20181200103. Villa has 5 nice bedrooms. Great buy in Tondela only 225000 euro. In...

Mata Tondela house picture 202884

house Mata


€ 390.000 Buy this house in the region Tondela. In Mata nice property for sale in Viseu. Property in Mata (Tondela)...

Molelos Tondela terrain picture 143504

terrain Molelos


€ 39.500 Great buy in Molelos only 39500 euro. In portugal with postcode 3464-003 for sale splendid property. Terrain for sale...

Parada de Gonta Tondela terrain picture 113036

terrain Parada de Gonta


€ 50.000 Great buy in Parada de Gonta only 50000 euro. Property in Parada de Gonta (Tondela) presented by real estate...

Ferreirós do Dão Tondela house picture 89806

house Ferreirós do Dão


€ 50.000 Property in Ferreirós do Dão (Tondela) presented by real estate agent Casas Na Hora - Loja Viseu. In Ferreirós...

Campo de Besteiros Tondela terrain picture 79903

terrain Campo de Besteiros


€ 28.000 Terrain for sale under reference 353/T/00787. In Campo de Besteiros nice property for sale in Viseu. Terrain with splendid...

Tondela Tondela villa picture 182493

villa Tondela


€ 39.900 In Tondela nice property for sale in Viseu. Villa for sale under reference 20200800308. Buy this villa in the...